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Welcome to Briarcliff Pediatric Dentistry!

What Makes us Different From the Rest?

Our doctor comes from a long line of physicians. Dr. Bijoor has been practicing for over 30 years and has invested much time into education and training. She is board certified in 3 continents!

Dr. Bijoor is affiliated with Phelps Memorial Hospital as well as Sleep Hollow, NY, where she performs surgery in the OR at both locations.

In addition to our doctor being highly trained, we have a very caring staff. Our staff takes the time to create individual,personalized treatment plans for each child that we see. 

Our practice is geared towards providing comprehensive pediatric dentistry for infants, children and adolescents, and patients with special needs. Our mission is to provide the highest level of oral care possible for your child, using evidence-based dentistry and current technology, along with the most effective and gentlest techniques, to ensure the healthy smile of your child!

Vision: Helping children smile through life.

We strive to make every visit for every child a positive experience.  Our modern state-of-the-art office is equipped with fun-filled activities, games and toys to make your child’s visit enjoyable and memorable.  Our staff is very friendly and courteous and every member works hard to make your visit as pleasant as possible.

We offer a range of services that are truly unparalled and unmatched, to suit the varied needs of every patient.

Turbo Laser

Dr Renuka Bijoor is one of the leading pioneers in the use of the Turbo Laser (Waterlase, Biolase) for pediatric dental care in the tri-state area. Laser dentistry is an amazing way to provide hard and soft tissue treatment, making it incredibly easy to provide quality dental care in a much gentler, efficacious and atraumatic manner.  This means we attend to children’s cavities without the use of shots (local anesthesia) and with almost no use or very limited use of the drill.

No numbness of the lip or tongue or cheek. No uncomfortable vibrations or high-pitched sounds of the drill!

Lip-tie and Tongue-tie release:

Dr Bijoor is the only provider in Westchester, Putnam, Rockland and Dutchess counties to use laser technology to release lip and tongue ties.  The laser can release lip and tongue ties in a matter of minutes, allowing newborns, infants, and children to benefit from the advantages of breastfeeding rightaway.  This amazing technology is revolutionary in helping sort out the frustration of new mothers who are facing difficulty with breast-feeding.

Pediatric Dentistry

Our office follows the guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and recommends that the first visit should be at age one or six months after the first tooth erupts, whichever come earlier.  Establishing a dental home is so important in ensuring that the child starts a lifer-long journey on the road to excellent dental health. 

Gentle pediatric dentistry starts with prevention and early intervention, to avoid major painful or traumatic problems. We strive to create a positive dental experience to keep our young patients excited about taking care of their teeth.

Our dental services include:

  • Preventive cleanings and checkups
  • Laser dentistry - Avoid Drilling, Avoid Shots
  • Interventional Orthodontics
  • Sealants
  • Zoom!® whitening
  • Bonding
  • Digital X-rays 

Hospital Dentistry

We also offer the option of hospital dentistry to provide comprehensive dental treatment for very young children with extensive dental decay or patients with special needs who are unable to tolerate dental treatment.  All the treatment is carried out in one session under general anesthesia, eliminating multiple, long and uncomfortable sessions in the dental office.

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